alowen1Al Owen


Born to missionaries, Al Owen rebelled through music and sang rock and roll music that his father insisted was demonic. That did not deter him, with guitar in hand, he has been playing music for many decades now. Former minister of music at his church, he is still active with the music at his church. He is an engineer/producer at Studio G and a very accomplished guitar player and vocalist. In addition, Al is also a song writer and has written many songs that have appeared on CD’s throughout the US. Al has been privileged enough to play guitar, both privately and publicly, with Dickey Betts, Dan Toler, Rick Derringer, Martin Turner, Larry Crane and Bruce Waibel.

jimmy2Jimmy Delisi


Jimmy Delisi started playing guitar at an early age. Being raised in one of Cleveland’s poorest projects, his first instrument was a five dollar guitar he bought from a neighborhood kid. His first “lessons” were various licks learned from the older children in the neighborhood. Jimmy has been recorded on countless albums and studio sessions with various instruments including the banjo, bass, mandolin, drums, keys and of course, the guitar. His resume is impressive, having played with Kevin Dubrow, Frankie Banali, Killer Bee, Brian Johnson’s Naked Schoolgirls and Saints and Sinners. He recorded his first record in 1988 and landed his own record deal with Capital Records in 1989 with a band called Julliet. Also a producer, Jimmy produced Julliet’s come back album in 2002.

jeff2Jeff Stoddard


Jeff Stoddard is an award winning, classically trained, multi-instrumentalist with over twenty years of experience performing with ensembles across the country. He studied computer science, history and music theory at Ithaca College in New York. He has taught and conducted music ensembles for children of all ages. As a performer, he has specialized in musical theater and jazz, performing with the Lake Plains Players Theater Troupe and the Easy Street Big Band which was voted Buffalo’s best jazz big band from 2006-2009. Jeff is also a talented luthier who has built guitars for musicians across the world. His craft has been seen on stage with well known clients Todd Rundgren and Randy Bachman. When not performing, he enjoys martial arts and swimming. He is supported by his wife, Tracy and their daughter, Kira.


new-ryanRyan Redden


Musician, Ryan Redden plays saxophone and flute. Born in St. Louis, Ryan has toured extensively throughout the world including many Broadway shows and jazz performances.Ryan has performed with elite jazz musicians such as Wycliffe Gordon, Wynton Marsalis, Randy Brecker, Jimmy Cobb and Carl Allen. Notable singers Ryan has performed with include Michael Finestein, Debbie Boone and Harry Connick Jr.

Jimmy Blount


Jimmie Blount, a native of Wichita, KS, graduated from Derby Senior High School and went on to study music at Wichita State University.  In 1987 he enlisted in the navy’s prestigious music program and graduated from the Navy School of Music in Norfolk, VA. 

Jimmie traveled extensively around the world while in the Navy performing countless public concerts and exclusively for world leaders and other distinguished dignitaries.  In 2006, he returned to the Navy School of Music and attended the Senior Musicians Course.  Upon graduating he received the distinction of Enlisted Bandleader for all navy fleet bands.  He later received his degree in music from Thomas Edison State University.

Throughout his music career Jimmie has backed notable artists such as, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Liza Minnelli, Dionne Warwick, Burt Bacharach, Jack Jones, Tony Orlando and Dawn, just to name a few of the American artists.  Latin American artists he has performed with include, Adalberto Santiago, Tito Allen, David Pabon, Brenda K Starr, and more.

new-patrickPatrick McKenzie


Patrick fell in love with music through his mom’s musical interests and began playing guitar. After entering Duke Ellington School of the Art’s summer band camp, he turned to brass instruments. He has studied music from Cuba, Columbia, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Mexico. He plays just about any genre. Patrick has performed with Pete “El Conde” Rodriguez, Ismael Miranda, Justo Beantcourt, Marvin Santiago, Tito Allen, Tito Gomez, Paquito Guzman, Cano Estremera Javier Marrero, Luis Felipe, Pedro Jesus, Charlie Cruz, Frankie Negron, La Makina, DL1, Kevin Ceballo, Ray Charles, The O’Jays, The Platters and Reba McIntire, to name just a few. He feels music is a spiritual form of communicating with all people, of all races and it is also where he feels free!