Get ready for Decades Rewind — a live music experience that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Featuring over 100 costume changes and more than 60 of the greatest hits from the 1960s, 70s, and 80s, Decades Rewind traces the history of the best music of all time in an exciting way that will lift your spirits and bring you back to the happiest days of your life!

Performed by incredibly talented musicians and vocalists who adore these songs as much as you do, Decades Rewind is an unforgettable experience that is leaving audiences across the country speechless! With music from Rick Springfield, Patti LaBelle, the J. Geils Band, Blondie, Prince, Stevie Wonder, and dozens more, Decades Rewind is the show that you’ve always hoped for but never believed could actually happen.

Get tickets to March 10th Riverpark Center performance of Decades Rewind today. You won’t want to miss this, Owensboro!

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