The perfect weekend. That seems like a tall order, doesn’t it? Just the notion of trying to formulate an effortless and fun weekend, checking off all the must haves in advance of that magic hour, Friday at 5:00 P.M. can negate any impending fun. I don’t like planning and primping for a special occasion because more often than not, the actual event just doesn’t measure up to the hype you’ve created in the preceding days.

But sometimes you get lucky and without much hoopla on your part, the perfect weekend happens, and you are filled with gratitude. And here’s where I have to direct the story to The Sarasota Post.

As many of you know I write a weekly article for The Sarasota Post, particularly if you’re reading this very piece at this very moment. When I discovered The Sarasota Post online several years ago, I thought I had found a Sarasota news and entertainment source that was so good it must have predated my viewing by years. As it turns out, I was tuning into the SP at its infancy stages and I was hooked! I loved their insight into relevant issues facing the Suncoast’s area and there was no better live music source to turn to. Fast forward a bit and after a leap of faith and a few successes with my writing I decided to contact the SP. They took a chance on me which has changed my life in so many ways and has given me countless opportunities for new experiences. It has also brought me to my perfect weekend. If you know me at all, you know I love my family and also Decades Rewind, generally in that order. So, when the opportunity was offered to see the show with some of my beloveds this past weekend, well I was hooked.

Decades Rewind is a Broadway-style rock concert and theatrical experience. Seeing Decades Rewind is like returning home after a long time away. Your stomach flutters with nervous energy because you know just how good the show is. So many highlights flow from the stunning performances that your brain must compartmentalize the feelgood memories, doling them out to you like little gifts until you can get back for another rocking show. As you make your way into the venue, find your seat, and take a look at fans-existing and those who are about to become, you realize that good mood that accompanies a Decades Rewind experience. Taking a peek at the Decades Rewind newbies next to you, you sense their excitement, but they truly have no idea what they are in for.

Decades Rewind is a Broadway-style rock concert and theatrical experience that will challenge you to stay in your seat. You’ll try, but the chair-dancing will turn into a full-on dance party in the aisles where your best moves will come alive. It is inevitable. With a rock ensemble featuring a horn section that will blow your socks offs and soulful singers bringing the spirit and persona of some of the greatest stars in the world to life, completely robed in period garb, you are enveloped in a concert that is good for your soul and senses. With a veritable who’s who among local professional musicians, cast members deliver on-point musicianship, singing, dancing, and costumes completely reminiscent of the good old days.

Decades Rewind brings back memories.You can tell a good concert on how quickly people return to their seats after intermission and how they linger after the show. At the Venice Performing Arts Center performance last weekend, guests were running out of the restroom after intermission, excited, happy and even giddy because they knew as good as the first half of the show was, it only excelled in the latter portion. I have seen DR probably five or six times and just love the spark of discovery in the eyes of those I take as they realize Decades Rewind is the real deal. Their music is the melodic background that accompanied your adolescence, teen years, and brought you to where you are now. Songs that you have long forgotten will reach memories you’ve stored away, and you’ll find yourself singing along, marveling that you still remember every word. From the ‘60’s to the ‘80’s, Decades Rewind playlist is so good, you’ll wonder if they somehow got ahold of your old mixed tapes. If you’re yearning for a perfect weekend, Decades Rewind is on tour and ready to rock your world. For more information on upcoming shows, please visit their website: Just Click Here!

Photos courtesy of The Sarasota Post.


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