On March 22nd, Decades Rewind — the most exciting nostalgia music show of all time — comes to the Grand Theater in Wausau. Following are three reasons why you shouldn’t wait to get your tickets to this exciting music event!

Decades Rewind Has the Best Musicians and Vocalists

Hand-picked to deliver on everything from technical prowess to heart and soul, the singers and musicians who perform all of the wonderful songs from the 1980s, 79s, and 60s, are some of the best in the world. They’ve been practicing and performing their entire lives and they can’t wait to bring these songs to life with their skills and their electrifying stage presence.

Decades Rewind is Full of the Best Songs Ever Written

With over sixty songs from bands and singers like Joan Jett, Michael Jackson, Blondie, Madonna, Journey, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Earth, Wind & Fire, ABBA, Queen, and so many more, Decades Rewind tracks the history of the three greatest decades in music history in a way that brings you back to those times but also brings the power and beauty of these songs into the present.

Decades Rewind is the Most Fun You’ll Have at a Concert

Our show will make you feel like you did the first time you heard these songs. You’ll dance, you’ll clap, you’ll have a great time.

Come see us in Wausau!

Tickets for Decades Rewind!